Compare the TD (Teardrop Shape) and RS (Round Shape). 

Only supports cups 30AA through 42A/B if worn with our bras or you may use this form with any open-center pocketed bra you may already own.

May not offer enough support for B/C cup if worn in our Camisoles. 

For Right Mastectomy, choose SIZE-right.

For Left Mastectomy, choose SIZE-left.

Please SIZE DOWN in our BRAS to offer your remaining breast more support OR our Sporty Adjustable Mastectomy Bra may offer BEST support for larger remaining breast. Do not size down in the Sporty Bra style. 

SOFT feel. May trim form for comfort. Simple, lightweight foam. 

Please read sizing chart. Not all sizes fit in all garments correctly.

Only works with remaining breast A thru small C cup.

Round Shape SINGLE Mastectomy Breast Forms

  • PLEASE READ-Approximate sizing.

         Cup size varies with size of bra band. 

    XS (AA-A cup)=12 inches (30 cm) across-length. 

         -Fits 30AA-32A bra size.

         -Fits garments XS-M.

         -Cup depth=3.5cm (1.4 inches).

    S (A cup)=12.5 inches (32cm) across-length. 

         -Fits 32A/B-34A bra size.

         -Fits garments XS-M.

         -Cup depth=4 cm (1.6 inches). 

    M (B cup)=13.5 inches (34 cm) across-length.

         -Fits 34B-38A/B bra size.    

         -Fits garments S-L.

         -Cup depth=5cm (2 inches).

    L (B/C cup)=14 inches (36 cm) across-length.

         -Fits 34B/C-38B bra size.

         -Fits garments S-L.

         -Cup depth=5.5cm (2.2 inches)

    XL (A-B-C cup)=15 inches (38 cm) across-length.

          -Cup size fits women differently according to their band size.

          -Fits 40B-42A/B bra size. 

          -Fits garments L-XL.

          -Cup depth=6.5cm (2.5 inches).


  • One length of soft, lightweight molded foam padding with bilateral breast forms (one hollow, one semi-full). 

    This unique padding has one cup hollow and the other cup semi-full. Hollow side with cushioned shelf-type support help for natural breast. Breast Forms available for Left or Right Single Mastectomy. Breast Forms may be cut and sewn for your comfort and fit. Padded protection of mastectomy site. 

    May be used for SWIM. Retains some water but water is easily pressed out.

    Aesthetically-correct for confident wear.

    Concave interior but thicker than typical bra cups.

    May be sewn into the lining of your swimsuits, dresses or other garments.

    May be cut for comfort. Best with fabric scissors or shears.

    Machine wash/dry. Use gentle cycle/line dry for longer breast form life. 

    Note - Photos show depth of padding.

    Designed in USA. Crafted in China.