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Sizing Guide

Compare Bra Cup Sizes for (AFC) Aesthetic FLAT Closure, Single Mastectomy,
Double Mastectomy, Lumpectomy and Breast Reconstruction. 

Our garments have NO Broadband Elastic for optimal comfort during mastectomy recovery and beyond. 

Breast Forms and Bra Cups are sold separately so you can choose your own size. 

Bra and Top Sizing Guide

Please choose your current or most recent bra band size. 
For example, Bra size 36B equals a 36 bra band size which is a Medium (36-38) in our bra sizing. 

We recommend choosing your current top size unless you desire a different fit. 

Approximate Sizing 
Please email us at for any sizing assistance! 
Cup may seem smaller/larger to you depending on your frame and size. 

The Busted Tank breast form shows the thickness of our breast forms.
The Busted Tank center shows the size marker on our breast forms.

Photos to show the thickness of our bilateral forms and Fillers/Single Forms.

Breast Forms Sizing Guide


Wider-width Round Shape forms have been discontinued. Please see the comparable size forms below. 

Wider-width Round Shape 

S=Teardrop M 

M is now the Round LW and Teardrop LB is comparable

        L=Round Shape XL

  XL=Teardrop 2XL

Single Mastectomy Forms Sizing Guide

For a Single Mastectomy, we strongly recommend emailing us at with your current bra size to get personal sizing assistance before ordering. 
You may need to add Bra Pads to increase the cup size or even out your look. 


How to measure to determine your Bra Band size, if needed.

If you do not know your current or most recent bra band size, use a measuring tape to measure around your torso

directly under your bust line, where a bra band would sit. The tape should be snug and level.

Once measured, round that number to the nearest whole number. 

If the number is even, add four inches. 

If the number is odd, add five inches. 

Your band size is the sum of those 2 numbers. 

For example

If you measured 30 (even) inches + 4=34 bra band size. 

If you measure 33 (odd) inches + 5=38 bra band size. 

All garments may also be worn FLAT, without breast forms.

You may ALWAYS email us for any personal sizing assistance at

Approximate conversion of cm to inches

30 cm=12 inches

32 cm=12.5 inches

34 cm=13.5 inches

36 cm=14 inches

38 cm=15 inches

   40 cm=15.75 inches

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