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 Flying to the UK with Busted Tank plunge bras and breast forms 

We flew to the United Kingdom on 30 May and are still here on 22 June.

Just wanted you too know how my breast forms and plunge bras worked on the flight and over here.

I decided to bring 4 bras with 4 teardrop breast forms inside them.

They have been amazing and 13 weeks on from my left mastectomy in March, I am still a bit sore and swollen in places but wanted to tell you of my experience. It was my second mastectomy. 

They were extremely comfortable on the flight and car journeys to our different holiday rentals.

I had felt a little nervous of being in crowds in airports and on the plane.

They protected my still recovering area of discomfort and made me feel safer somehow.

I put the whole bra with breast form inside on a delicates wash 40 deg and hang them to dry on a coat hanger by the straps.

I usually put them in a delicates mesh bag. They can dry overnight in a warm space or over a couple of days.

They perfect for me and knowing that they will be bringing out new colors in the modal version is very exciting.

The team at Busted Tank have always been extremely helpful and take back and exchange things really easily which is  a bonus.

When we are going through these difficult times it is great to know someone is there listening and guiding us through these choices. It certainly boosted my morale when I found the website by chance.

Thanks again Busted Tank, for your care and kindness. 

Kiki J. June 2024

Finding the right size via mail order is the hardest part and the only negative. 
I usually wear a size 8 shirt and a 32D bra so I ordered a small and medium bra.  The small seems a little loose but I kept it and returned the Medium for an XS.  The NXL breast form is perfect.  I’m thrilled to find your product line!  Thank you for making products that fit well and are comfortable and affordable! 

Lori B. 4/17/2024

I feel like I should be loudy singing the song, "At Last"  because that is how I feel about wearing your products.  At last a bra and camisole that do not make me feel like I have a python constricting my chest, at last affordable pricing, at last a good looking lightweight prosthetic that I can also use when swimming and at last a camisole that I can use as a tankini top that does not require me to be an Olympic athlete just to pull it over my head.

I have been searching for such products for 23 years.  

I used to say that the finest moment of every day was when I could remove my bra, that is no longer the case.

-BC 12/2023

Words cannot express what your products have done for me!  My double mastectomy was October 2020.  I had decided not to make any reconstruction decision prior to surgery.  I accidentally stumbled across your website and decided to give it a try. It was life changing for me!   There was no prosthetic device to be measured for and ordering was very easy. I can wash and dry the products knowing they will stay in perfect shape! -CJ

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with this product! I am so happy I don't know how to express it! 

I ordered 3 tank tops and they fit so nicely  and the inserts are awesome and feel so comfortable and real.

I wish I had known-I would have ordered another pair of inserts for when I want to be bigger. 

I normally go flat but there are just some times I'd like some boobs.

I am so happy I found you all! -SR 


I will order another insert and maybe some other products now that I know how well-made they are . The only issue I have is that I don't live in the states so shipping isn't cheap but after trying your product and seeing how incredible it is, I'm not sure I care because it is so worth it! Thank you for making such a great product you have added to my life ... I am fine with being flat and ordered this out of curiosity but honestly I put it on and fell in love.   -T.L. 9/22/21

I purchased your breast forms to use in the many mastectomy bras that I currently own.  I find that they are a good fit, are easy to insert and the concave interior keeps me cooler than breast forms that are flat against my skin.  So far, I love them and will most likely try your bras when needed in the future.


So glad I found your company. I had mastectomy July 2019. My range of motion is not as it should be after radiation etc. These bras are so easy to put on and off. Love the fabric and the fit.

I would recommend highly your product! 



I am seven weeks post-op from a bilateral mastectomy and while everything is healing beautifully, I’m still struggling — both with the near-constant “iron bra” sensations of pain and also with the emotional reaction to my new flat shape.  I didn’t think “flat" would be as hard to get used to as it has been.  Most days, a few tears show up as I learn to cope with the reality that the body I’ve known for 70 years just isn’t there anymore.  I don’t recognize me in the mirror just yet.  Five years from now, it won’t be a big deal … but five years is a long time away! Your concept for restoring curves without the structure of a bra is pure genius, and right now, it’s my saving grace.  I’m so grateful, and I want you to know that I’ve told a lot of people about your company already! Thank you again for the inspiration for your design.  By the way, I LOVE the name of your company! -Sue. S

Love my mastectomy bikini top. The size was right according to the chart.

The inserts worked out well too! -KR


After my double mastectomy in 2013, I was fitted with silicone breast forms. Theses were so heavy and not comfortable at all, and were so hot to wear. One day I saw an ad for The Busted Tank forms and camisoles, racerback tees and the longer tees all with the foam breast forms included. These are so comfortable. I love them so much! I will never go back to the old prosthetic breast forms and the bras. I love The Busted Tank!!!

-Dixie G.

I accidentally stumbled upon your page and one night just ordered a mastectomy prosthetic insert. The comfort and affordability was perfect! Cancer took a lot from me but you made it possible for me to have part of me back. Reconstruction is not always an having your products is a must...thank you for your amazing customer service and FAST shipping.

I'm so grateful.

-Maria L.

Simply the best. I want to thank you for your time and thoughtfulness. I have finally found a soft prosthesis that gives me

the confidence to feel good again!!

-D Drake

My name is Lauren. I am 34 years old and BRCA1+. I had a prophylactic double mastectomy 6 years ago with implant reconstruction. This year I finally was able to get the implants removed, as they were making me very sick and were painful. This resulted in my not just "going flat" but ultimately being concave. The only shred of "normalcy" that I've been able to obtain, came when I finally got my busted tank v-neck bras and inserts. The ones my insurance covered were super heavy, hot and uncomfortable. I'm so grateful for this option and now can't wait to return to work   with a realistic shape under my clothes. Thank you Busted Tank for making this option-it's so comfortable as the insert tents above my scars! Can't wait to see my colors, styles and restock on the originals!

-Lauren L.

Thank you for making my life so much less painful after my double mastectomy from breast cancer. The camisole and prosthetics have gotten me thru with comfort and no extra pain during this time. They were wonderful and so comfortable. I am able to wear them every day and they get

softer with each wash. I love Busted Tank! Thank you!


I recently ordered my first product from you. I ordered the v-neck mastectomy bra. Having had a double mastectomy without reconstruction, it's been difficult to find a comfortable bra. I absolutely love your products! It's not too tight and the

prosthetic looks great.

Thank you so much for making my life easier. 

-Gayle N.

I love your tanks and forms. They allow me to dress the way I had prior to my double mastectomy.

Thank you.

-Bernice F.

Perfect fit! Soft & comfortable. I’ve tried numerous bras & padding, nothing looked “real” like Busted Tank. Very pleased.

-Kay M.

 Thank you for a most comfortable camisole/prosthetic combination. Material is extremely soft but provides enough coverage and support after having had a double mastectomy.

Enjoy wearing your products. Keep them coming!

-Loretta T.

"I’m eagerly awaiting my second order to be delivered. Unfortunately, the USPS is working slowly, but I have to say I am so impressed with the customer service of this company. I’ve written a number of times inquiring about my order and each time I’ve received a timely response and I really appreciate it. My first order was the v-neck bra with the teardrop prosthesis. I love it, but the only suggestion I have is I feel as if the sizing is a bit off. I ordered the medium and it’s pretty large on me. Again, I’m eagerly awaiting my next order, which is a small. Hoping to soon see bathing suits. Great product, great customer service, disappointing post office. "


"I purchased the wrong size breast insert for the size

bra and the company is just going to send me the right one for free. I find these bras are so comfortable. The other set I bought the bra is a little big but I can wear it. The comfort of bra and insert is amazing. They do not dig into sensitive areas caused by surgery or radiation. They look great under my clothing. Natural looking. Not heavy or weighted. Inserts stay in place. I love the look the feel when wearing. Gives me confidence, make me feel good going out . "

-Sherry L.


I saw your ad on Facebook and was first drawn to try your product while waiting for my reconstruction. Due to Covid and an infection after my double mastectomy, I'm not able to have reconstruction at this time. I just received my first order yesterday, I'm trying both the short and long tanks and both size B and C to help me determine what I might want later on. The material is so soft and I love that there is no tight elastic. I'm just a couple of days from my last procedure but I can't wait to try them on. The ordering and shipping process was great. Most importantly I LOVE that the owner is a breast cancer survivor. I will absolutely be placing more orders, I'd love to see some bathing suit options!!

-Michelle R.


"I ordered the racer back camisole and the v neck camisole.. they both would seem to hang down to where the forms would be in the middle of my torso. I was giving the adjustable camisole a shot and found exactly what I was looking for!! Love it so much I will be ordering another!"

-Nicole S.

"I bought the bra and now a cami looking to cover a bit so flat explant. Unfortunately with my belly fat, not only do the bras ride up but the cami also allows the foam prosthetics to ride up or move lopsidedly. So sad these really don’t work for my body type!"

-Becki B.

"What a wonderful experience to buy prosthesis form for my single mastectomy. Even though i received wrong size of the forms, it was so wonderful to have them replaced for free. They gave me even a full refund for my order and it was an easy return without hassle because they quickly sent me a return label. I would love to come back and buy some more because

the forms are light weight so it is comfortable to wear them.

Thank you The Busted Tank that you understand what we are going through and what we need! "

-Sunny Kim

"I had a concern about the pad inserts when I bought them a few months ago-I didn’t like the fit. It bothered me that the padding was flat and there wasn’t any concave against my chest. I emailed my concern and I had a response within the same day. I was told that the A cup was the least concave of all. So, now I’m going to try a B cup narrow to get a little bit of concave and shape. Thank you so much for your help!"

"I love the quality and comfort of this bra but I ordered a large which I thought would work and it is too big. Wore and washed so assume I can't return. "

-Andrea K. 

Woman-Owned Business

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