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Mastectomy Bras

Mastectomy Bras including Flat Bras for (AFC) Aesthetic FLAT Closure, Single Mastectomy Bras/Unilateral Bras,

Double Mastectomy Bras, Lumpectomy and Breast Reconstruction.

 Our mastectomy bras have NO Broadband Elastic. 

For our BRAS, please do not size up. May size down for a more snug feel or if in between sizes. 
All of our bras and tops with STEP-IN EASE can be easily pulled down/up to the waist for radiation and other treatments. 

Our garments have NO Broadband Elastic for optimal comfort during post mastectomy surgery recovery and beyond. 

Breast Forms and Bra Cups are sold separately so you can choose your own size. 

Our garments will likely not support your own, heavier prostheses. 
Please email us at for personal sizing assistance. 

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