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Bra cups for Everyday and SWIM. Hollow, concave and slender. Thicker bottom. 

If worn with a flat chest, these forms will offer a slight shape in our garments to help with any concave appearance or unevenness. 

Can also we worn alone as an A or A/B cup. 

They will flatten a bit and help with a smooth appearance. 

Can also be used for reconstructed or natural breasts. 

Our Bra Cups can be added to any of our forms to increase the cup size/projection and to help with symmetry for single mastectomies and lumpectomies. 

Sizes can be stacked as needed and sewn together to make your own breast form size. 

Environmentally friendly polyurethane lightweight foam. 

Machine wash/dry regular cycle. 

Not eligible for exchange. 

Pair of Padded Bra Cup Inserts

  • Our eco-friendly lightweight foam Bra Cups are perfect for natural breasts, reconstruction, lumpectomies or for aesthetic flat closure wear to offer a slightly padded and even appearance. 

    Our Bra Cups can also be used in combination with our other breast forms to increase size and/or create your personal single or bilateral mastectomy breast forms. 


    The overall cup thickness is approximately 0.75 cm. 


    Cup Size/ Bra Size/ Cup projection/ Fits bra and top sizes best. 

    S 30-32 3 cm XXS-XS
    M 32-34 4 cm S-M
    L 36-38 5 cm M-L
    XL 40-42 6 cm L-XL


    Designed in New Milford, CT. Crafted in China. 

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