Your concept for restoring curves without the structure of a bra is pure genius, and right now, it’s my saving grace.  I’m so grateful, and I want you to know that I’ve told a lot of people about your company already! -Sue S.

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    Simply the best.
    I want to thank you for your time and thoughtfulness.
    I have finally found a soft prosthesis that gives me
    the confidence to feel good again!!
    -D D.

    "I absolutely love your product!
    It's not too tight and the prosthetic looks great!
    Thank you so much for making my life easier."

    I’m so grateful for this option and now I can’t wait to return to work with a realistic shape under my clothes. Thank you Busted Tank for making this option.
    -Lauren L.


    I was blown away by how soft and comfortable the bras and tanks were. Both shapes of the prosthetics are natural looking and needed no adjustment throughout the day.

    You can tell that these tops are

    designed by women who LIVE IT and GET IT!


     It’s been five years since my double mastectomies and failure of my implants. I’ve been living flat since. I just received my first order today of a simple adjustable mastectomy bra with teardrop insert. It brought me to tears. Very natural looking and so very comfortable. It feels like you're wearing nothing. The material is very soft.

    Thank you Busted Tank for making me feel “whole” again!💕


    "My tanks have been a lifesaver.
    They help me so much with my (PMPS),
    Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome.
    My busted tanks make my life much more comfortable.
    Thank you so much."

    I have been looking for Bras like these since a double mastectomy in 2013. These are the most comfortable bras I have ever worn. They wash and fit well.


    The Busted Tank​®

    Comfortable         Affordable         Convenient

    A Modern Mastectomy Clothing Company with No Broadband Elastic
    Mastectomy Bras, Camisoles, Tanks, Swim Tops and Interchangeable Lightweight Breast Forms

    Walk with confidence in this original everyday design. 
    Garments containing a soft pocket to hold the foam breast forms of your choice.
    For Single or Double Mastectomy.

    Wear as an undergarment or outer garment.
    Change the cup size to change your look. A for yoga? D for evening?

    Machine washable and dryable.

    The Busted Tank®
    We are a small, woman-owned and created business located in New Milford, CT, USA.
    Contact us at
    Online Sales only at this time.
    Established in 2019 by a bilateral mastectomy survivor/thriver.

     is to help restore the self-confidence in women who have had a mastectomy-in a comfortable, affordable and convenient fashion.