May be used for everyday, SWIM and sport.

We do not sell swim bottoms. 

73%polyester/ 27% spandex. 

Our new ruched front Strapless Mastectomy Bra with removable strap. 

More petite/less material than our Original Strapless Bra.

Compare on above photos-Original vs. Ruched. 

May be worn with or without straps! 

Fitted feel. Beige is more snug than black but same sizing. 

Round Shape or Bandeau forms may fit best.

Teardrop forms may always be trimmed to fit, if so desired. 

Not recommended for Single Mastectomy above an A cup, unless used with strap.

Breast forms sold separately so you may choose an appropriate size. 

Strapless Ruched Mastectomy Bra

  • STEP-IN EASE and removable/adjustable straps.

    This style has a unique front pocket to hold a single length of lightweight foam breast forms in your cup size of choice.

    NO BROADBAND ELASTIC around torso. 

    POLY material, lighter wieght than our Original Strapless Bra. 

          73% polyester/27% spandex.

    Machine washable and preferably hang dry.

    Designed in USA. Crafted in China.