Super SOFT Feel! Simple, lightweight foam. 

Wider and Larger than the Round Shape.

May "stack" a smaller cup inside a larger cup for a greater Cup Projection! 

Our LARGEST CUP breast forms.

May be the best large form for Post-Surgery because of its Super Soft feel.

PLEASE READ SIZING CHART. Not all breast forms fit in all garments.

May fit your current pocketed mastectomy bras with open center.

Padding may also be cut for comfort/needed fit. 

Wider-width Round Shape Bilateral Mastectomy Breast Forms

  • One length of soft, lightweight molded foam padding with bilateral breast mounds.

    May be used for SWIM. Retains some water but water is easily pressed out.

    Concave interior but thicker than typical bra cups.

    Sturdy, polyester foam.

    Machine wash/dry. Use gentle cycle/line dry for longer breast form life. 

    Padding may be cut to accommodate single mastectomy. Best with fabric scissors or shears.

    Designed in USA. Crafted in China.